profilepicHi, All! My name is Angie (or Angela, if I’m in trouble and you’re my mom). I’m 46 years old and I’ve done some silly stuff, a lot of which I have described in painful detail on my blogs over the years. To the general public, I describe myself much as my mother used to: I know how to do a lot of things, but not very many of them particularly well. I have a BA in English, and have always been both a reader and a writer. Memoir (creative nonfiction) has been my great love for the past several years, and I’m always trying talk myself into believing that I should write my own. A few years ago, I ran a word-of-mouth photography business, and I continue to take the senior and family portraits of people I know here in Illinois. One day, I might do it for actual money again. I have dabbled in web design since 1999, and my knowledge about html and css is now so many years old that it has become pretty much useless…as with everything else, there’s an app for that.

I am a non-practicing Jew-by-choice with fond memories of growing up Presbyterian. I have no idea what any of that should mean to you, except that it might explain how I can take the Holocaust so personally and yet still want to sing in the choir with my mama on Sunday morning. Also, that I believe faith to be a very personal thing, the major aspects of which organized religion cannot hope to address or fulfill.


I am a newlywed. That’s my husband over there looking like he likes me. The two of us married at the beginning of 2016 after dating for about a year. We’d known one another since we were teenagers; his sister was (and remains) my best friend. Hubby has three kids; the one who isn’t grown lives with us in the nicest mid-size town imaginable.

We enjoy one another’s company quite a bit, and one day we plan to be kid-free, living on a mountain with far away neighbors who have no desire to visit. To this end, we currently spend a lot of time trying to make sure we’re raising decent humans who will one day be independent and who are not afraid to be kind, smart, or successful — three characteristics which (it seems to me) the both of us spent far too much time undervaluing in ourselves.

I am a 27 year veteran of Al-Anon, and when I talk about my family of origin on the blog, my recollections are often softened as much with the forgiveness I learned there as by the passage of time. While I have been to only a handful of meetings in the past 15 years, much of the way I deal with the world is colored by the things I learned there, as well as by my mother (hi, Mom!) who is (and has always been) wise beyond her years.

In recent years, I have become more interested in a few topics formerly out of my frame of experience. I lost 60 pounds in 2014, and maintaining that weight loss has meant I read more on the subject than I used to and incorporate that learning into my everyday life. I follow some weight loss/healthy eating blogs and am usually looking for more. I also spent four years as a graduate student in religious studies. Recently, I’ve become fascinated by the intersections of religion and religious practice with gender, class, race, and politics. Generally, I am more than a little outspoken on these subjects.  #sorrynotsorry

Wow, this has gotten a little long-winded. Here’s what you need to know: I try to do the next right thing and be a nice girl like my mama taught me. But sometimes I’m not overly patient with dumbasses.

Welcome, and happy reading!