The Man in Black

I took these before. Before he went and danced his ass off. Before he had to try to salvage the evening because she was trying to do a number on him. Before he came home early knowing that they weren’t going to make it very much longer.

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Sweet William and the Goat Wagon

v5gsxj2gnvr01When she was 16, my mother kept her horses at Kai Brown’s.

Over the years, I’ve heard Mom talk about Kai on countless occasions, and although I have a sort of picture of him in my head as a result of all her stories, I don’t know that I ever actually met him.  But in any case, I get the idea that Kai was a fairly important fixture in her life.  Although my grandfather lived until Mom was 20, I think Kai probably served as a substitute for him where Mom was concerned.  Continue reading “Sweet William and the Goat Wagon”

15 Confessions

1) Sometimes I forget that my cat isn’t a person. This is true to such a degree that I occasionally catch myself getting pissed at him when he doesn’t follow simple instructions.

2) I take elections personally.

3) I also take it personally when my favorite musicians decide to retire and tickets to their farewell tour concert are way too expensive for my skimpy-as-hell budget. I’m looking at you, Elton John. Don’t you know I love you? Continue reading “15 Confessions”


1) I spent almost eight hours today editing a paper. It only took two for me to remember that in three years of grad school, I burnt myself out on academic writing forever.

2) I smoked while I was trying to get the writing done because otherwise people I love were going to die. Needless to say, I now regret that decision.

3) I got sour straws in the mail and they provided all the joy and comfort that the cigarettes didn’t.

4) I cooked lovely food (see above), did four loads of laundry, and descaled the Keurig for the first time in about three months. The coffee tastes really good tonight.

5) I made myself a cup of hot chocolate this evening, and when I stopped to think about it, I realized that it was my first cup in about three years. I don’t know how that happened, but I can guarantee that it won’t happen again. #newnightlyritual

6) I learned what “No Nut November” is, and I have no intention of repeating it. But if you need a little amusement in your life, ask a teenager you know to explain it to you. Mine did quite a lot of stammering and blushing.

7) We made Thanksgiving plans this afternoon, and I am so excited!

Not #showingupforshabbat

I thought about going to temple this weekend. I thought of dusting off my kippah and downloading my Jewish Apple Music playlist and singing L’Cha Dodi at the top of my lungs as I drove down the road to St. Louis and the nearest Reform congregation. The Judaism brought to life in that song brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart, and somehow–this week–that doesn’t feel okay. For what it’s worth, I know that it should. Continue reading “Not #showingupforshabbat”

Oh, so easy.

1239766_10151815767475890_1563355687_nI remember doing relatively well the first time I read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking, but it turns out that I didn’t do it right, and so that success was apparently mostly all about luck. What happened was, basically, my memory is for shit. And so when Mr. Carr mentioned at the beginning and middle of his 100 page book that ABSOLUTELY NO NICOTINE REPLACEMENT THERAPIES OR PRODUCTS SHOULD BE USED, EVER, I missed that. Like…totally. Continue reading “Oh, so easy.”

Lethargy, Apathy, and Me

I have a love/hate relationship with my Sims 2 game.  I turn on the computer almost every morning, wait forever for it to finish churning and actually load the desktop, and then I double-click the Sims 2 icon and sit back down on the couch to watch another episode of NCIS, because for sure it’s going to be 40 minutes before my game is loaded. All of this is a bit of a hassle, sure, but none of it is really my issue this morning. Continue reading “Lethargy, Apathy, and Me”