Today’s episode brought to you by Doose’s Market

I didn’t drop off the face of the planet, I just dropped the ball a bit on this everyday blogging thing. Just so you know, I have about a hundred episodes excuses. So here’s what you need to know about the last three days in my life:

1) I don’t like it when Rory and Lorelai don’t talk because it feels disingenuous. They would never let it drag on as long as it does. But worse than that, once it’s drug on so freakin’ forever, they would never make up so instantly. I mean sure, the all-of-a-sudden, end-of-the-episode hugging and tearful reunion will have you in a wet and sobbing mess on the floor, but after that’s over, you’ll catch yourself going “nah…I don’t think so.”

2) I want an air fryer for Christmas, but THERE ARE TOO MANY AIR FRYERS in the world and too many criteria on which to judge them. I need my own private research team to deal with the information, and I don’t want a research team because researchers are kind of creepy and silent and they would be a weird addition to my living room.

3) My cat is turning into an attack cat and I’m scared because I’ve known attack cats before and their lives ended mysteriously and I don’t want that to happen to my sweet boy.

4) The “attack cat” part of his personality emerged for the first time on Sunday night when Adam’s oldest boy was here for the night. He was a new person (to the cat), and we were loud and playing Rock Band and going in and out of the house, and the cat got his belly rubbed by accident and blood was drawn….Well, anyway, he’s been particularly twitchy since, and this morning he growled when he heard a car door shut (because apparently noises are all suspicious, now), and could not be talked into settling down until he actually SAW his daddy’s sweet face emerge from the garage. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

5) Luke and Lorelai are pissing me off and if Rory ends up with that stupid rich kid with the mean family, I’m never watching this show again.

6) There were pictures taken when the oldest boy was here. I was a little perturbed with the lack of smiling in the group ones and we STILL don’t have new pictures for over the fireplace, but they’re still good to commemorate the fact that all three children were actually in the same place for a night. Here they are, if you’re curious.

7) There cannot be–ever–vanilla almond bark in my house. If there is, I will use it to cover pretzels as well as Ritz cracker and peanut butter sandwiches. I will then eat at least 75% of the spoils, gain fifteen pounds in three days, and feel like a [bloated and decidedly not vegan] pile of shit for a week.

8) The fact that I cannot stop binge watching Gilmore Girls will not help with the percentage of these treats that I consume, nor will the fact that I have moved them all within reach of my place on the couch. Also not helping: the fact that the children are wandering about with their friends tonight and I don’t have to make healthy food for them to eat.

9) Oh well. Season 6, Episode 21 here I come.

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