A chilly return

I haven’t stretched my photographer muscles in a little while. In fact, it’s hard to believe, but the last time I did a senior session before this morning was way back in summer of 2014. I remember thinking I’d never shoot anything else ever again, and it surprised me that I felt that way, because seniors are teenagers–who in their right mind likes teenagers? Apparently, I do. Or at least I like them when they’re in front of my camera.

I think it might actually be more fun now that I’m back home. Today’s session was about normal at two hours, but we picked the coldest day of the year to do it on…there was literally SNOW ON THE GROUND. Despite the length of the session and the frigid temperature, however, I had such a good time. Awesome Step-Daughter went with me as second shooter, and because I’ve known the senior’s mom since grade school, it was entirely stress-free. We laughed and chatted and got ‘er done.

I spent this evening editing pictures on the Macbook and came to the conclusion that it’s really time for some other arrangement. Though I hate doing it, I might have to break down and buy the Adobe subscription again so I can edit on the desktop. I won’t be doing that with this session obviously, but if I end up getting some more business, I’m sure I will. Trying to operate photoshop on an overheating laptop via the trackpad is not exactly my idea of fun.

I leave you with a couple of teasers from the camera phone near the end of the session. They’re a little more fun and relaxed than I usually do, which may be part of why I so enjoyed myself today.

See you tomorrow!

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