15 Confessions

1) Sometimes I forget that my cat isn’t a person. This is true to such a degree that I occasionally catch myself getting pissed at him when he doesn’t follow simple instructions.

2) I take elections personally.

3) I also take it personally when my favorite musicians decide to retire and tickets to their farewell tour concert are way too expensive for my skimpy-as-hell budget. I’m looking at you, Elton John. Don’t you know I love you?

4) I always try to do the next right thing, and usually, I also try to think the best possible things. That being said, lately, I’m finding it very difficult to be charitable when it comes to stupid people. I just really don’t like them.

5) I seriously hate Hobby Lobby. But I can’t for the life of me stop buying their fucking yarn.

6) No matter how many times we quit smoking, no matter how long we stay quit, and no matter how much I love smelling good and being able to breathe, I never stop telling myself “it’s ok, you’ll have another cigarette soon.”

7) I have a $1000 guitar that I almost never take out of the case.

8) When I eat really healthy shit all day long, I end up devouring a crapton of sweet stuff at night. Sometimes I think I can actually feel my sugar rising and my heart trying to beat out of my chest.

9) I’m a good photographer, but I think I’d be really good if I didn’t let the stress get to me. I’m always afraid I won’t get anything good even though that’s never happened…not once in 15 years.

10) I’m an Apple fangirl, but the truth is, I miss the old days when no one had cell phones.

11) I spend at least a couple hours a day playing Boggle With Friends even though I have no actual friends who Boggle. Thankfully, there must be thousands of people like me, because I never lack for random people to play with.

12) I used to buy 20 or so books every time I got my grant money for school. There are at least 60 on my shelves that I have yet to get around to reading. They do make me look really smart, though.

13) I like the generic Aldi double stuff cookies more than actual Oreos. Ok…the truth is, I’m obsessed with the sonsofbitches, and they’re the reason I’m destined to be a fat girl for the rest of my life.

14) I’m a beat-the-crap-out-of-the-keyboard typist. I try to be a little more gentle to avoid the annoyed looks of everyone else in the vicinity, but I’m pretty sure it’s the percussionist in me and I’ll never stop.

15) I am a shampoo snob. It has to be cruelty-free AND ph-balanced, and these are not inexpensive characteristics. Honestly, as a girl who grew up on White Rain and V05, using products that cost over a buck on my freakin’ HAIR makes me feel pretty darn ridiculous.

[I stole this from Liz, who I think stole it from someone else!]

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