Lethargy, Apathy, and Me

I have a love/hate relationship with my Sims 2 game.  I turn on the computer almost every morning, wait forever for it to finish churning and actually load the desktop, and then I double-click the Sims 2 icon and sit back down on the couch to watch another episode of NCIS, because for sure it’s going to be 40 minutes before my game is loaded. All of this is a bit of a hassle, sure, but none of it is really my issue this morning.

Lately, there doesn’t seem to be much in the world that I want to do. In fact, it feels like there’s not a single damned interesting thing going on anywhere under the sun. I have sitting next to me a Kindle Oasis with well over a thousand books on it, none of which I can make myself read. I have a shit-ton of movies on DVD and Apple TV, and not a one of them sounds good. I have this beautiful Sims game, all loaded and ready to go, and it turns out there’s not a single family that I have any urge to play. I guess maybe I could make a new one, but I doubt very seriously that I’d feel any different about it.

I should build some new houses or download some new stuff for the shops that I never visit. I should take a family on vacation–I’ve never done that. Or maybe start a new Sim business…I’d have no clue where to start on that. That could be a challenge. But the sad truth is, I’m in the second generation of the most challenging challenge I’ve ever done, and even with all that challengeyness, I’ve still managed to hit that laggy part of playing the family where it’s so boring that I wish everybody in the house was dead and I could just start over.

There’s no challenge anywhere. There’s nothing I want to do or see and nowhere I want to go. I’m tired all the time and there’s no one I like but my cat, and I’m pretty sure that’s only because he doesn’t speak and only likes me. I’m not sad at all, so I don’t think anyone should worry about me, but I definitely seem to have located all the world’s lethargies and apathies. They’re sitting next to me on the couch, wearing a dent in their cushion that’s identical to mine.

I think maybe this has been coming on for a while. And all I can say is, I really stink at buying snack food. I mean, seriously. Who doesn’t buy Oreos or potato chips (especially when their plan for the week includes only extended periods of couch-sitting)? And should that person really be allowed to continue in her role as family shopper?


4 thoughts on “Lethargy, Apathy, and Me

    1. Yeah, my addiction’s pretty bad. After *my* last computer died, I had my brother build me a new one with the sole requirement that it be able to play the Sims 2. He had to put Windows 7 on it and put in an old video card, but by golly, it still works! =)

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  1. Lol I creased up when you mentioned about wishing that everybody in the house was dead and you could start over again on your Sims 2 game. I go through periods of this on my mobile phone when I’m playing really hard levels n games that I think I will never conquer and then after repeatedly hammering them for a couple/few days at a time, I manage to somehow get a tiny bit further and the cycle then repeats. I don’t think I’m relishing the challenge they present to be honest, I just think they have geared up the difficulty level to a point where they hope you will buy more coins for lives when I’m happy to just let them build up of their own accord and play other games in the meantime. I enjoy multi-tasking freemium games, so I don’t have to spend much money while I wait for resources to build up. I also know what it is like to have movies and books lined up but struggling to find which one you want to dip into, too much choice can lead to giving you no choice at all. When that happens, I just think of something random like reading the first book/watching the first film on my list and forcing myself to give it a go. Look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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