The annual tax return pre-shop

I’ve been reading a lot lately. My year-old Kindle Paperwhite has gotten so much use that I’ve almost got myself talked into the necessity of purchasing an Oasis when the tax money arrives.  I keep thinking: wouldn’t it be nice not to have to turn the pages quite so often? Wouldn’t Mama love to have my current Kindle to replace the one she lost? Why, yes!  YES. And then I think, hells bells! I could read while I’m standing in the damn ocean! And even though I probably won’t see the ocean again for ten years, this still feels like the ultimate justification for the purchase.

I justify expenditures. I’m an expense justifier of the first water.
My sweet husband hasn’t shot me down yet, but I think that’s only because he knows I’ll do it myself when my practical side kicks in and I realize that I’ve just spent over a thousand bucks on camping supplies.

Because that’s the other thing I’ve been doing lately–window shopping for the no-foolin’, best-bang-for-your-buck ULTIMATE in camping gear that will survive the teenagers and take hubby and I well into our middle age. I may not have started camping until ten years or so ago, but by golly, I’ve been on enough cold and hot and rainy weather trips and done enough research to believe that I know a thing or two about car camping gear. I know what it takes to happily stick it out for a week on a muddy campsite four hours from your house when all any of the other campers want to do is get in their cars and go the hell HOME even if it is two o’clock in the morning because their tent and everything they own is wet and they just want to die.

4e588bdb-1e2c-4fbf-9976-81341b41fe7fThe point of all the shopping is, of course, to never get to the point where I have that thought.  The campsite should be AWESOME and DRY and HOMEY, not the place I sit to think about all the tricks and tools I could employ to kill my step-children (or other folks camping in the vicinity) when I find myself and all my belongings floating away in the middle of a rainstorm. And oh yes, I will make that happen. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again, probably with the same basic gear.

Of course, we’ve also been tossing around ideas for more practical purchases (not that I would ever in a million years characterize myself as “practical”). We think it would be nice to pay off a couple of iPhones and knock our cell phone bill down a bit. And we’ve been thinking maybe the teenagers need new beds and bed frames since they both managed to kill their metal frames this year. Also, Hubby needs new shoes and a decent computer for his continued success in the nursing program, and I’d really like to restock the End of the World Closet now that we’re a bunch of bean eating bastards. Thankfully, we’re getting a decent enough return that we’ll probably get to knock out at least half of those things.

Hopefully, by the time the money arrives, I will have convinced myself that I’m a smart girl with no need for a new $300 e-reader, especially since my old one is still perfectly sufficient.  But for the record, I’m not holding my breath.


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