I eat beans.

I’ve been doing a thing for a couple of months now. It feels like a secret, like something I should be ashamed of, like people will judge me once I say it out loud. To most, it will almost certainly sound woo-woo and strange, maybe even like I’m taking an extended ride on the pseudo-science train. But here’s the thing: I refuse to think it’s woo-woo regardless of the fact that it seems like I should be hiding my face when I tell people. For me, it just feels right, not to mention healthier.

So here’s the dish, y’all: I’ve gone almost totally nutritarian (plant-based).
And yes, I’m definitely getting enough protein.

Admittedly, I do still occasionally imbibe a little poison in the form of Oreos and cheddar and sour cream potato chips, but that kind of eating has mostly been confined to holidays. I figure that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around in 2018, the unhealthiest of my food addictions should be well in the past. I’m pretty certain of that, especially since every time I eat like an idiot, I end up feeling like shit.

Honestly, despite my just-below-the-surface, half-serious shame about my woo-woo diet, I’m having a devil of a time not proselytizing to everyone I know like a freakin’ True Believer. Aside from my mother, my husband, and the step-kids, I’ve mostly kept that impulse in check, but I have been unable to resist posting a few photos of my daily eats to my Facebook page. Granted, this is partly because I’m proud of my pretty plates, but mainly I do it because I sometimes wish I wasn’t so alone in my current path.

Maybe you missed this, but I’m pretty sure I live in the dairy capital of Illinois. There are also way too many chicken houses.

I bring up the meat and dairy because…yeah, I don’t do those anymore. I’ve become a veggie connoisseur, you guys. But even scarier than that is this: I now have favorite beans. BEANS! I have never in my life liked beans except in hummus, but now I eat them at least once a day and usually twice.

I seriously feel fantastic, though. The only way I could feel better would be if I exercised, but I figure I can only realistically be expected to do so much. I gave up smoking and eating crap food this year, and I decided to make an effort to be kind to ridiculous and hateful dunderheads even when I really want to stab them. I’ll leave the damn exercise for next year…which starts in about an hour, actually.

And so I thought a coming out entry was appropriate for the end of the year, as well as being a decent way to break two months worth of (quite unintentional) silence. I really didn’t mean to be gone so long.

I know you won’t think this is a serious excuse, but I swear to God, I was learning how to cook.

P.S. – I did a crazy amount of research reading and watching before I decided to make this drastic dietary change. Below, I’ve listed those resources just in case you’re interested.

The China Study (and cookbook)
Eat To Live
Forks Over Knives (and cookbook)
How Not To Die

Eating You Alive
What the Health
Forks Over Knives
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 1&2
Food Choices
Hungry for Change
Fed Up


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