Kindle catastrophes

A year or so ago, after Amazon had already come out with both the Voyage and the Oasis, I bought a Paperwhite.  I already had one, but Hubby needed one that had some miles on it to take to work.  I hopped online and bought a new one for myself, in white this time.  She’s very pretty and she seems to play a little nicer with Calibre, a program I use to manage the hundreds of ebooks and converted fanfiction files I’ve amassed over the years.

Night before last, she began to implement what I can only assume is a dastardly and horrific plan to slowly make me so crazy that the only sensible option remaining will be to throw both her and my computer at the wall.  Repeatedly.

It started out relatively small:  there were a few repeated files in a collection.  But then I realized that I was unable to delete these files.  A few minutes and another sync later, I began to suspect that the problem was much more widespread.  The whole file system was corrupt, and I suspected a full on crapfest was in the near future.  I hopped on the interwebs and weighed my options.  In the end, I decided to wipe the Paperwhite of all books with a full factory reset.  I then had to spend HOURS cleaning extraneous files out of Calibre so that only one file format of each book was available.  And THEN I started putting the books back onto the Kindle.

This was when I discovered that — at some point — Calibre had decided I no longer wanted about 200 of my files; for no apparent reason, they just up and disappeared from the list.  So I had to go searching through the files on the Mac to find them because apparently I laugh in the face of naming conventions and file structures and I just randomly stick shit wherever I want.  Call me Mrs. Willy-Nilly; evidently, it fits.

I swear, I never had these problems with my PC.  I used to be the picture of organization.

Anyway.  Twenty hours after the Kindle shenanigans began, I’m now about to wrap it up and get things all pretty again.  In the mean time, I’ve been trying to finish up my current reads while I bide my time waiting for things to upload and convert.

Any suggestions on what I should read next?

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